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Daniel Gaustad, SEP

I provide Somatic Experiencing sessions for individuals, dyads and groups wanting to address accumulated stress, nervous system dysregulation and trauma. My work places an emphasis on embodied inquiry into personal and collective implicit biases. Through this lens, I encourage clients to know themselves within the context of culture and society and in relation to inherited social structures.

In our time together, our work may explore:
  • Slowing down

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • Developing empowerment and agency

  • Becoming intimate with the messiness of life

  • Knowing self within the context of culture and society

  • Expanding beyond binary thinking

  • Cultivating right use of power

  • Expressing healthy aggression

  • Experiencing joy and curiosity

  • Connecting with primal animal instinct

  • Listening to and honoring the “irrationality” of body stories

  • Increasing the capacity to hold discomfort

  • Moving from individualism to acceptance of support

A major focus of my work involves exploring and orienting to characteristics of White supremacy culture and how these characteristics are held in bodies, showing up as implicit biases and belief systems. It is also important to look at how, as change happens within systems (groups of individual bodies), White supremacy often adapts and mutates and continues to be perpetuated.

I facilitate Somatic Antiracism groups, offering both White-bodied men’s groups and White-bodied all gender groups. I also provide Somatic Experiencing sessions for individuals wanting to work on issues of White body supremacy and embodiment of racial justice. For those with White-bodies, we must also examine our capacity to do harm as a member of dominant culture.

My work looks to address the pathology of racist perpetration AND to depathologize the embodied responses of those targeted by racism. This work includes my commitment to a lifetime of inquiry into and acknowledgement of my own Whiteness and conditioning within, as bell hooks has named, an imperialist, White supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. And, I would like to add colonialist to that naming.

Through sustained, honest and fierce commitment to somatic inquiry of Whiteness and the fragility and advantages that come with that Whiteness, we can more effectively work towards dismantling systems of White body supremacy. We can transform good intentions into clean and effective mobilization for systemic change.

I identify as White, cisgendered, able-bodied, heterosexual and male, and I use he/him/his pronouns. I currently live and practice on unceded land of the Ramaytush Ohlone (Chiguan tribelet) peoples now known by the colonized name of Montara, CA. I also maintain a practice on unceded land of the Dakota and Anishinaabe peoples now known by the colonized name of Minneapolis, MN.

In addition to my training in Somatic Experiencing, my background is in chiropractic, acupuncture and teaching yoga to men in recovery in the style of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

My greatest hope is that those who work with me experience a deeper connection to Authentic Self, Essential Goodness, Life Force and Vitality.

Thank you,

Daniel Gaustad, SEP